All the news from your Twitter feed without the rush


Twitter has become overwhelming and messy.
You need a break from it but it is your main source of information?


Slownews is here to help you reconnect with the real world without missing out on the important stuffs.

How it works?

It checks your twitter home feed for you and gives you a summary a few times a day.
That way you're not missing out, skip all the ranting, and save time for the things that really matter in your life.
  1. Every hour Slownews scans your Twitter home feed
  2. It checks every Tweets and saves websites that are news sites
  3. From this list, it merges duplicates and ranks the content according to their popularity
  4. When you decide, Slownews sends you a recap and quick links to the original news story
Give it a try!
Login with Twitter
On the first start, you will be shown a demo timeline. Slownews needs a few hours to get your first very own timeline ready, use that time to get familiar with the app!
Slownews is independent and not part of the Twitter corporation,
Slownews only views the content on your timeline, we do not need permission to write as we will never publish on your account.